Here Is How You Should Edge Your Lawn

You might have a gorgeous lawn, but its beauty will be hampered by a messy lawn edge. When cut improperly, the lawn will look sloppy no matter what. If this is a problem for you, this article will help you solve the problem in no time at all.

We have outlined the following steps to help you achieve a clean lawn edge:

Mow Your Lawn First

When you mow the lawn, you will see the original grass curve. Once the edges are trimmed back, you can then follow the path more easily. Do this prior to edging to prevent scalping and weedy patches.

Stick to the Path

Follow the edging of the lawn instead of the hardscape. Remember to keep off walking areas, concrete, and sidewalks when you use a power edger to prevent any damage. This will also ensure the longevity of the edging trimmer.

Edge the Lawn

There are many ways to edge the lawn depending on the equipment that you have on hand. When you use a lawn edger, you should start the device and trim at the edges of the flower beds and lawn.

If you are going about it with a shovel, you have to cut deep into the turf and carve out the grass wedge at an angle before using a rake to ensure perfect lines.

When working with bricks, you have to lay down an old board and mix cement, building sand, and water until you reach the desired consistency. Spread a cement layer on where you want to edge your lawn. 

Next, put down the bricks on the mortar and secure them. Lastly, secure them with the help of a rubber mallet.

There are other methods out there, but these are the most common ways to edge the lawn.

Watch Out for Jagged Edges

Inspect the edges to see if any part is jagged. In case something does not look right, you should use the lawn edger once more to ensure uniformity.

Get Rid of Debris

Once you have edged and pruned the lawn, the next step is to clean up debris. If you wish, you can simply let the grass clippings stay where they are. After all, they are going to decompose and provide the soil with nutrients after some time.

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